We’re nuts about science education.

It’s true & obvious, one of the main differentiators between Nutty Scientists® and other kids learning franchises is that WE AREN’T AFRAID TO GET A LITTLE WACKY.

Nutty Scientists Canada's programs & activities are characterized by hands on activities and always being entertaining, educational and participatory, allows our little Canadian scientists to learn while having fun.

Nutty Scientists unique methodology allows children to be hands-on and actively involved in the experiment they are participating and learn with fun. We utilize creative participatory techniques to develop their imagination and intellect. Our objective to raise children´s interest in the world of science through experimentation and direct participating with science activities.

Whether its afterschool programs, in-class workshop, or sessional camps, we always incorporate different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) learning. Nutty Scientists Canada proud to provide STEAM educational activities, programs to promote & motivate children towards STEAM learning, encouraging them doing hands- on experiments- through touching, doing, seeing & hearing.

We consider ourselves experts in “edutainment” (entertainment + education), which means that we truly engage children – through participation, experimentation and observation.

And it’s backed by serious science.

Nutty Scientists unique methodology is internationally recognized and awarded. It uses these various educational techniques:

  • TPR© (Total Physical Response) Method
  • SDAIE© (Specifically Designed Academic Instruction in English)
  • PQS© (Plonsky Question System)

Technical lingo aside, the point is, children have fun while they’re learning. Their ability to be hands-on during our experiments helps them not only remember the concepts, but retain them.

Why it matters so much.

Did you know? On a global scale, science is repeatedly the last choice subject in schools. As evidence, a recent Department of Education study reveals that approximately two-thirds of fourth graders and four-fifths of high-school seniors in the U.S. fail to reach proficiency levels in science.

STEAM education is most important area of learning. It is essential for children to understanding of today’s modern & technological world. Research shows not only the important  but highly recommended for exploring basic education with STEAM at early age children, in order to have them better life.

Children are naturally inquisitive, always having full of questions about the world around them. They like to explore and investigate how things work. It follows, therefore, that WHY we should take advantage of this innate curiosity and start channeling their enthusiasm for scientific discovery as early on as possible.

At Nutty Scientists programs & activities, we provide a bridge from their naturally inquisitive, curiosity and enthusiasm to understanding about STEAM educations.  


We at Nutty Scientists Canada’s programs & activities promote their interest to learn STEAM for their bright future.

We bring a global scientific perspective to franchise business.

Nutty Scientists was founded in Europe in 1996 and our proprietary programs have been expertly developed with input from scientists from around the world ever since. Every year, we have been working with thousands of schools, institutions, businesses and other customers all around the world. It’s a global brand with strong background for children science educational franchise business.

Nutty Scientists Canada is a part of the global network of Nutty Scientists. We have the experience, the expertise and credibility to help you as a franchisee to offer the very best products & services within your selected market. We have varieties of programs & activities, whether you are at rural or urban area, our programs fit for any types of markets.

Learn more about what we’re looking for in our franchisees.

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