Celebrations & Parties

Let's make it Science-tastic celebration!! 

No Kids like traditional way celebration of their birthday party!! Nutty Scientists Canada is offering a special way to celebrating birthday parties. Simply get out from traditional way of celebration like worn out clowns and magic tricks. Let's have scientific way to celebration of birthday party. Let's combine fun celebration with science experiments. 

Whether you are a small group or large, We have a unique way of celebrating birthday parties. Our goal is to provide the best way to celebrate birthday parties. We offer guests an exciting and participatory scientific activity with lots of fun!! The combination of fun and science activities makes the celebration an unforgettable experience for all age children.

Whether you are at our science lab, or we are at your party or celebration, our birthday celebration is characterized by always being entertaining, educational and participatory, allows our little scientists to learn science and at the end having birthday celebration fun, too!

Let’s celebrate their special day that they can always remember, while making it stress free for the parents/guardians! 

Celebrations & Parties

Party & Celebration Objectives

  1. To provide the best way to celebrate birthday party
  2. Offer an exciting and participatory activities.
  3. Celebration characterized by always being entertaining, educational and participatory for all age little scientists, and of course with lots of birthday celebration fun, too!

What can you expect?

Science -tastic birthday celebration with lots of fun & an exciting and participatory activities for all age kids and a stress free for the parents/guardians!

Activities Vs Experiments 

We offer exciting & participatory hands-on science activities that allow our little scientists to learn something valuable on their special day- Birthday Day. Our science based activities are experiments are hands on or participatory and offering lots of fun. 


  • Select your choice of package online and submit booking request in advance with booking fees and pay balance 2 weeks before event.
  • You can upgrade your selected package at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • 90 minutes program with two parts - 45 minutes for science experiments & 45 minutes for birthday celebration & socialization. 
  • At our Science Lab for Kids or at your venue or home
  • You can select scientific birthday package for 10 Kids - 15 Kids and 25 Kids  

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