We’ll have ALL you need to know to start your Nutty Scientists franchise.

We’ve been running the Nutty Scientists Canada franchise since 2019 and We are a part of the global network umbrella of Nutty Scientists & Fun Science. Nutty Scientists brand running franchise business globally  since 1996.

We understand that starting new business, require lots to coordinate with deadlines. We will provide you the best supports, techniques and resources to operate, manage and share our experience to grow your franchise business. 

It starts with all-inclusive initial trainings:

Phase-I : Training at Nutty Scientists Canada Office or Corporate Location


Phase-1 provides comprehensive training about WHO we are as a Nutty Scientists franchise. Its business models, business administration and management, marketing & sales techniques, about programs & activities, personnel policy, and including but not limiting to organizational business systems. Depending on the selection of business model with territory, more modules would be added with phase 1 training programs. Phase 1 training will cover business administration, management and operational knowledge and information required for start up your franchise business.

Phase –II Training at your location before opening your location


In order to prepare you to get it started, we will assist you in selecting staff, and their training to your instructors, who will perform the grand opening shows and facilitate the programs & activities. We will then coordinate with you to jumpstart initial operations by assisting in your first promotional activities. Phase II training would be the on-floor actual program & activities participating by franchisee and their staff before grand opening. We will make sure that you & your staff are well prepared and ready to deliver programs with Nutty Scientists business standard with brand value.   ​​​​​​​

Ongoing operational & marketing support


  • Initial kit of branded promotional and workshop materials to help with the marketing and development of your business.
  • Your own location “microsite” or landing page with our Nutty Scientists Canada website.
  • Access to the Nutty Scientists program & activities draft, sample proposals, images, videos, scripts, and any other marketing materials you may need.
  • Access to varieties of science experiments and a countless number of workshops (which are continuously being updated with R&D).
  • Weekly Post, subjective blogs, and seasonal updates for social media.
  • Marketing ideas, ready to use flyers customized with your information.
  • Ready to use excel sheet, word documents for day-to-day business administration.  
  • Guidance, advise support for marketing and networking within your territory


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