Terms & Conditions:  Program Registration

1. A completed program registration form and payment of program fees is required to secure your child's place.

2.  Every program, activity starts at the time as it scheduled. Registrants or attendees are expected to be in the designated program location at least 10 minutes before starting time of program or activities. ALL pickup and drop off MUST be at the time of the programs as scheduled from the program place as designated and informed with program registration. if you expect to be late collecting your child, It is parent or guardian responsibility to notify the program location as soon as possible. The waiting time will be charged, additionally at the hourly rate of $50/ per hour to cover emergency staffing and other arrangements. In case of default on payment these charges, the Nutty Scientists Canada reserves the right to cover the additional waiting charges from parent and cancel child registration with continuing program.

3. In case of provincial lockdown situation in pandemic, we will provide FULL refund for any program fees paid, without any cancellation charges. Otherwise, ALL request for refund of programs fees paid, must be in written and accompanied with proper documentation (i.e. medical note) and made at least 3 days before the starting date. $25.00 cancellation fees will apply to any refund request. NO refund will be honoured AFTER scheduled date for program selected. Whenever possible we could offer an opportunity to make up that class, subject to availability of the same program, selected for registration. After two weeks of the date of the original scheduled, NO eligibility of making-up program missed.

4. The Nutty Scientists Canada reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect in case of non- payment of fees, or if a parent, guardian, or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behavior, or for any other reasonable cause. Intimidation or abuse of any other children or our staff will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination.

5. Parent or guardian hereby understand and agreed that despite of close watch & supervision children occasionally might have minor accidents whilst at the event and or at the program location, that beyond our control. Nutty Scientists Canada, its successors, franchisees, affiliates, and employee(s) is indemnity, harmless from and not hold liable for any such claims, damages or other liabilities.

Please ensure your child’s clothing and belonging are clearly labelled and we suggest that all toys, books and any kind of electronic equipment must be left at home, while attending any program or activity. Nutty Scientists Canada accept no responsibility and not hold liable for and harmless & indemnity from any damage, lost or stolen items or belongings or for any injuries that may occur whilst at the event and for any loss resulting from a claim made by any third party or for any special, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage of any kind. Parents and guardians must always supervise their children during the party or event.

6. The Nutty Scientists Canada reserves the right to administer first aid and any emergency treatment as required to the attendees. Parents will be informed to the contact number given in the registration form, of accidents if any and will be asked to sign an accident record form. If emergency treatment at hospital is required the Nutty Scientists Canada will make all reasonable attempts to contact the parents but if this is not possible, Nutty Scientists Canada are authorized to act on behalf of the parents and authorize for any necessary emergency treatment.

7. Nutty Scientists Canada may also ask parents or guardians to withdraw their child from the program or event if we have reasonable cause to believe that the child required special medical care attention or not well enough to attend the program or child is suffering from or has suffered from any communicable disease or infection, any symptoms relating to Covid-19 and there remains a danger that other children may contract such a disease or infection. Parents or guardian must immediately inform the Nutty Scientists Canada if the child is suffering from any illness, sickness or allergies, including any symptoms relating to Covid-19, before attending the program.

8. Nutty Scientists Canada and their successors, franchisees and affiliates, is hereby authorized to use event, activities, or program attendee’s photographs, visual recording, and testimonials for use of company’s advertisement, marketing and publication. Furthermore, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged. Nutty Scientists Canada and their successors, franchisees and affiliates forever release and discharge from any claims for compensation or otherwise with respect to the use mentioned herein.

9. Covid-19 declaration, wearing mask and proof of vaccination is not mandatory now, but in future, if any additional documents as per the new guidelines of Health Canada as updated from time to time, may required. If child is sickNutty Scientists Canada reserves right to cancel registration or stop or not allow to enter in the event premises.  

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to any event, activities or program of and for Nutty Scientists Canada and represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents or guardian (including other careers) and the Nutty Scientists Canada. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms and representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Nutty Scientists Canada reserve the right to update or  amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime, without any further notice. The Nutty Scientists Canada is operated by Little Canadian Scientists Ltd. 

If you have any questions, please contact us


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