Nutty Kids Club! 

At Nutty Scientists Canada we strive to provide the best learning experiences through fun and hands-on activities for our little scientists, even after school! 

Nutty Club is an AFTERSCHOOL program available for science geniuses at our Streetsville Science Lab. A special way to explore, understand and learn science while having fun!

Whether you just like to explore science, experiment different areas of science, or you’re curious to know science, Nutty Club provides all opportunities for your interest! This is done by way of hands-on science experiments in a group or individually, visual learning, information exchange (Nutty Facts) or providing guidance & resources for school project. We cover different scientific topics every week along with specialized activities that align with science! It’s a place where our little scientists can explore, ask questions, and most importantly connect with science & BE scientists themselves! 

The Nutty club is a drop off - where after school you, the guardian, can drop off your scientist at our Nutty Lab where we will explore science together and then pick up your scientist after the activities.


Monthly:  2 sessions a week (8 sessions in a month)

Availability: Wednesday: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm & Thursday  5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Membership Fee: You can register for 

8 sessions: $487.00 + tax/per month (Twice a week)4 sessions: $319.00 + tax/per month (Once a week)​​​​​​​


Membership benefits:

  • Hands-on activities provide a deep understanding of STEAM experiments.  
  • Explore STEAM activities every week.                     
  • Opportunity to create interest with science & technology.
  • Eligibility for siblings or group discount up to 15% (with Monthly registration ONLY).
  • Eligible for priority access with Nutty Scientists Canada Programs & Activities offered.
  • Provide guidance & resources for school’s project & assignment.


Age group:  Little Scientists: 6 - 8 Years         

Let’s provide an opportunity for our little scientists to learn science.

Join Nutty Kids Club today!



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