WHY bananas are curved upwards

Why Bananas Are Curved Upwards?

Tuesday Aug 17th, 2021


Did you ever wonder WHY bananas are curved upwards ?

The common myth is as they are growing towards the sun.

But as per science, there is a biological reason behind the shape of bananas. They are growing curved upwards, due to the phenomena of negative geotropism hence they do not grow towards the ground instead they grow towards the sunlight. In simple terms, since bananas grow against a certain force against gravity, they are growing curved upwards.

What is geotropism?

In a simple word, The directional growth or movement of an organism in response to gravity.

Geotropism is the tendency of plants and fruits to grow in a particular direction towards the force of gravity.

The growth towards the direction of gravity is called Positive Geotropism. For example, the growth of roots. On the other hand, the growth of fruits and plants in the direction opposite to that of gravity is called Negative Geotropism.

Few great facts about this delicious and healthy fruit…..

  1. There are almost 1000 varieties of banana existing in the world with different skin color. Yellow and green are most popular but there are red, purple, brown too.
  2. The banana does not grow on tree, surprised ??. In fact, the banana “tree” is really not a tree but an herb. It is the tallest herbaceous plant known to man and can grow as high as 20 feet. More interestingly, the banana fruit is considered a berry.
  3. The banana is the most eaten fruit in the world. People all over the world consume more than 100 billion of them every year. The only agricultural products that are consumed more than the banana are rice, corn, and wheat.
  4. This fruit can also help to heal depression. If you are feeling down in the dumps, have a banana. Its contains enough Vitamin B6 and the amino acid, tryptophan, to make your body produce serotonin, a chemical that can help balance your mood.
  5. Last but not least, The banana is a one of the perfect health food. It is low in calories and contains fiber, potassium, magnesium and Vitamins B6 and C.
                                                              (Source: Info from article by Priya Sharma at procaffenation.com)

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