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Program Registration

Is any of the child mentioned above allergic to any food or medication or has a special health requirement?
(must be 16 yrs of age):
(This Person will be contacted in case of emergency)
1. A completed program registration form and payment of program fees and registration fees are required to secure your child's place. A non-refundable registration fee of $ 30.00 is payable at the time of the registration and will cover administration of program registration. 2. Registration fees and program fees payable to LITTLE CANADIAN SCIENTISTS LTD. Any payments that are cancelled or returned from the bank will incur an additional $25 administration charge, and the parent/carer will be asked to pay by bank draft and any other fees, in future by way of E-transfer or bank draft. 3. A sibling discount, if any offered is applied to the costs for the eldest child for the jointly attended program. All discounts are applied to Nutty Scientists Program of the same type, length at the same location only and do not apply to other types of programs / camps or other services offered by Nutty Scientists Canada or any other Nutty Scientists Canada and their affiliates. 4. No refunds are given for program / activities missed due to sickness or holidays or unavoidable circumstances. Please be advised that all our programs are time based activities for students and focuses on the learning of science and scientific notions with hands-on activities , which means, that it is very much important to be consistent with the scheduled class time for activities / programs that you have selected. If your child misses a full or partial of any program due to an illness or scheduled vacation, NO refund will be given but the student can attend to make-up the missed section / day within two weeks from the missed program originally scheduled, subject to the availability in new class on the same subject your child had missed. NO eligibility of making-up class / program missed after two weeks of the date of the original scheduled. 5. Every class / program starts at the time as it is scheduled. Registrants /students are expected to be in the science lab / classroom/designated location at least 5 minutes before starting time of program/activities. ALL pickup MUST be at the time of the completion of the programs as scheduled. If you expect to be late collecting your child, It is your responsibility as a parent / guardian to notify the program location as soon as possible. With notification, the additional time will be charged at the hourly rate of $30/ per hour. Un-notified late collection will be charged at a rate of $50/ per hour to cover emergency staffing and other arrangements. In case of default on payment these charges, the Nutty Scientists Canada reserves the right to cancel child registration. 6. The Nutty Scientists Canada reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect in case of non- payment of fees, or if a parent, guardian or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behaviour, or for any other reasonable cause. Intimidation or abuse of any other children or our staff will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination. 7. The Nutty Scientists Canada cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any parent’s, guardian’s or child’s property or belongings. Every reasonable effort will be made by the Nutty Scientists Canada staff to ensure that property or belongings of any parent, guardian or child is not damaged. Please ensure your child’s clothing is clearly labelled and we suggest that all toys, books and equipment are left at home. 8. The Nutty Scientists Canada accepts no liability for any losses suffered by parents arising directly or indirectly, as a result of the program location being temporarily closed or the non-admittance of your child to the program location for any reason. Nutty Scientists Canada accept no responsibility for children whilst in their parent’s care on Nutty Scientists Canada or the program premises. Nutty Scientists Canada will not be liable to parents and/or children for any economic loss of any kind, for damage to the child’s or parent’s property, for any loss resulting from a claim made by any third party or for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind. 9. The Nutty Scientists Canada reserves the right to administer first aid and any emergency treatment as required. Parents will be informed to the contact number given in the registration form, of accidents if any and will be asked to sign an accident record form. If emergency treatment at hospital is required the Nutty Scientists Canada will make all reasonable attempts to contact the parents but if this is not possible, Nutty Scientists Canada are authorized to act on behalf of the parents and authorize for any necessary emergency treatment. 10. Nutty Scientists Canada may require parents or guardians to withdraw their child from the program in the event that they require special medical care or attention which is not available or refused by the parent, or it is considered that the child is not well enough to attend our program as registered. Nutty Scientists Canada may also ask parents or guardians to withdraw their child from the program / event if we have reasonable cause to believe that the child is suffering from or has suffered from any communicable disease or infection, any symptoms relating to Covid-19 and there remains a danger that other children may contract such a disease or infection. Parents or guardian must inform the Nutty Scientists Canada if the child is suffering from any illness, sickness or allergies, including any symptoms relating to Covid-19, before attending the program. Nutty Scientists Canada is mindful of the needs of working parents and guardians and will endeavour to provide as much continuity of service as possible within the recommendations of the family doctor or Health Protection Agency by which the Nutty Scientists Canada is bound. These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents or guardian (including other carers) and the Nutty Scientists Canada. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms and representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Nutty Scientists Canada reserve the right to update / amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime. The Nutty Scientists Canada is operated by Little Canadian Scientists Ltd. I/We undersigned, understand that despite close watch, supervision children occasionally might have minor accidents at the program location, beyond our control. I/We hereby request for indemnity and not hold Nutty Scientists Canada, its successors, franchisees and affiliates, employees harmless from any claims, damages or other liabilities.
I/we acknowledge that I/we have read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions of the registration guidelines mentioned herewith and affirm the information provided is correct.