Looking for a birthday party celebration for a little scientist ??? 

We know your child's birthday is THE MOST important day for you and your family. A birthday celebration must be a special way so your child can remember it forever!

Nutty Scientists Canada (NSC) is offering a unique way of celebrating birthday parties. Children's birthday parties have never been better before! Our goal is to provide the best way to celebrate birthday parties at our Science Lab. We offer guests an exciting and participatory activity that will teach them something valuable! The combination of fun and education makes the celebration an unforgettable experience for all children.

Whether you are at our programs, or we are at your party or celebration, our 90 minutes of birthday celebration is characterized by always being entertaining, educational and participatory, allows our little scientists to learn science and at the end having birthday celebration fun, too.

Let’s make it a special day that they can always remember from their childhood, while making it stress free for the guardians! Nutty Scientists Canada offer varieties of options for birthday party celebrations that fit with your need and requirement.

Select your choice of birthday party from list below and we will do the rest.

At Streetsville / Mississauga Science Lab

SILVER-15: $ 177.00 + tax: 90 Minutes (30 minutes for ONE science experiment and 60 for birthday celebration): For small group of friends & family, 15 or less people, in total including kids & parents / invitees. 

GOLDEN -20: $ 266.00 + tax : 90 Minutes (45 minutes for TWO science experiment and 45 for birthday celebration)For 20 or less people, in total including kids & parents / invitees.

At a venue OR at Streetsville/Mississauga Science Lab : 

SPECIAL 4 Me: $ 399.00 + tax 

At our Science Lab : 90 Minutes (45 minutes for TWO science experiment and 45 for birthday celebration)For 30 or less people, in total including kids & parents / invitees.

At a venue : 90 Minutes of Science Show  :  Private and exclusive birthday party for the special day of your little science lover, whether its your place or party venue. ( NO limit of # of attendees but max 20 kids participating )  (Some travel restrictions applies, see note below)

ALL Program fees INCLUDES : Colorful SCIENCE LAB SPACE (except if you select outside venue), SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS MATERIALS and TAKE-HOME SUPPLIES, awesome birthday DECORATIONS, TABLES & CHAIRS for food distribution & guests sitting arrangements and of course our EXPERIENCED STAFF(S) to coordinate science experiments with kids. 

NOT INCLUDED: party food, return gifts, food distribution accessories & supplies - such as plates, spoons, forks, paper napkin.etc. Some food restrictions apply, see note below

Available for :    SATURDAY  & SUNDAY 

Three Spots: 1.30pm to 3.00pm    4.00 to 5.30pm  &   6.30 to 8.00pm

It’s party time!

Let’s make their birthday memorable for years to come.


 Silver- 15        Golden-20        Special 4 Me          


* Any request will be processed on a first come, first serve basis on available time & date for the requested birthday party with booking fees / full payment.

* Birthday at our Science Lab program price INCLUDES 90 Minutes of programs with fun & learn activities. (45 minutes for science experiment and 45 for birthday celebration for party at our Science Lab). Science program materials, table, chairs, basic decoration for birthday party.

* For Special 4 Me package at a venue, includes 90 minutes of science show, program materials included but NOT furniture & decoration. 

* Special 4 Me package offering at our Science Lab with 30 people in total, including children & adult. If Birthday party at a venue location then there is no limitation of # of invitees but max 20 kids participating with science experiment. Venue location must be within 10 km from our Science Lab (Streetsville/ Mississauga ) location.  Additional cost of $ 50.00 will be charged for traveling over 10 km but up-to maximum 15 km. Call for more details, if you are located over 15 km from our Science Lab location. 

* Food distribution and party decoration restrictions applies. At our Science Lab, allowed foods are PIZZA, sandwich or fruits platters, birthday cake, canned/small bottled/boxed soft drink or juice, snacks, and their related supplies & accessories. ALL food distribution at party must be nut free.

* You can add additional time at $ 50.00 for half an hour and $ 35.00 per additional guest (over the allowed limit of the package you selected except Special 4 Me package at venue)

* You can reserve & secure your spot by full advance payment or with booking fees. In case of provincial lock down due to Covid-19, we will refund FULL payment of your registration fees paid in advance, without any charge for cancelation fees. Click REFUND POLICY for more details. 

If you never been at NSC programs before, you may have some questions, please view FAQs for more info. Any further questions or concern, feel free to contact us