All About Glaciers!

Friday Nov 11th, 2022


What Are Glaciers?  Glaciers are massive blocks of ice that have been gathered over time through fallen snow being compressed into hard ice. They move very slowly due to their large size and this movement is caused by the force known as gravity! Gravity is the force by which a body (like our Earth) pulls objects towards its center.  Photograph by James L. Amos/National Geographic Creative Where Are They Found? Glaciers are mostly found in the polar regions, which makes... [read more]

Bamboo Plant

Friday Jan 15th, 2021

Bamboo, the useful plant.

Did You know …. Bamboos is included in some of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, with reported growth rates up to 910-920 mm (36-38 in) in 24 hours at a rate of almost 40 mm (1 1⁄2 in) an hour (a growth around 1 mm every 90 seconds, or 1 inch every 40 minutes). However, the growth rate is dependent on local soil and climatic conditions, as well. The scientific facts:  How can bamboo grow that fast? Bamboo... [read more]